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Skeleton of a bird - Visual dictionary
Skeleton of a bird: a warm-blooded ... Tibia: bone forming the central part of the leg. Sternum: central ... Human body

human skeletal system (anatomy) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
... relationship with the parts of the skeleton ... The human skeleton, like that of other vertebrates, consists of two principal subdivisions, each with origins distinct ...

Design: parts of the skeletal system - The Skeletal System - blood ...
... the bones making up the human skeleton are ... As their name indicates, long bones ... loose attachment with the sternum is the pectoral girdle, or shoulder. Each ...

Appendicular skeleton - The Anatomy Wiki
The human skeleton consists of 206 ... jawbone, ribs, sternum, and spinal column. The appendicular skeleton is ... It is part of the appendicular skeleton. Each os coxae ...

Skeletal System - Welcome to Penn State's Home on the Web
... will allow you to access real photographs of the human ... Sternum; Upper Limb Bones. Scapula (Posterior Aspect) ... Foot (Lateral Aspect) Knee Joint; General Skeleton

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